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Weddings & Special Events

Welcome to my Weddings & Special events page. Thank you for considering myself or one of my various musical projects (solo Classical guitar, duos, groups, DJ) for your upcoming wedding or special event.  I have a project that will work for anyone, providing 35 years of experience and superior musicianship that is second to none (myself and my partners all have music degrees!) in any style, for any occasion or budget! I am an Orlando Classical /Jazz / Spanish / Rock Guitarist, providing Guitar AND DJ music for any Wedding ceremony or Reception.

There’s a LOT of info on this page, so please be sure to scroll all the way down to the very end.  I decided to put it ALL on this page to make it easy to find in one spot rather than having to search around for it.  There are 4 main sections to this page, so please be sure to scroll down to view them all in their entirety:

1) Music Services Descriptions

2) Hear Traditional Ceremony Music Selections

3) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) / Rates

4) Reviews / Thank You Notes

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2017 BOW awards logo


3 Years in a ROW!  2017, 2018, & 2019 #1 Musician AND #1 DJ! 






Perfect for any occasion including wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, corporate events/ dinners and parties, romantic & elegant dinner parties, anniversaries & anniversary parties, birthday party, and holiday parties.  The solo classical guitar is classy and elegant without being overbearing, as are the duos and jazz groups. Available as solo guitar, various duos, Jazz groups, DJ/ MC… any style, any occasion.

What I offer

I provide both live music AND DJ/MC, so that works extremely well for weddings & special events to add a nice variety for your guests, giving you the best of both worlds and a very nice mixture.   My most common package for weddings is:  live solo guitar music for ceremony prelude music, the ceremony itself (sound system and lavalier microphone for officiant included, so people can actually HEAR your vows!), and through cocktail hour.  Then I switch to DJ/MC to introduce the bridal party, DJ the first dance, and introduce people for toasts.  From there, I play more elegant live guitar music for a nice ambiance through dinner, and finally switch to DJ for the last few hours for after dinner dancing.

Also, don’t forget music for the rehearsal dinner, as it sets the tone for the entire wedding, and also gives you and your guests a variety of music from what you’re having during your wedding day. The solo guitar is perfect for this, elegant and classy and not overbearing so your guests can still chat and mingle comfortably as they listen to some great music in a relaxed and casual setting.  Plus, MC duties and a wireless mic are included for lots of fun toasting!

Styles of Live Music performed  

I customize the music to YOUR tastes , so just let me know how you envision it and I’ll make it happen!  I’m there to do the music YOU want to hear!  I usually perform a mixture of styles for the live music so there’s something enjoyable for everyone, anything from traditional Classical guitar music of Bach, Tarrega, Sor, Giuliani Albeniz, and even Mozart, & Beethoven arrangements and more, to Jazz standards in the tradition of Frank Sinatra/ Rat Pack, John Pizzarelli, Nat King Cole, Wes Montgomery, Lenny Breau and others (i.e. Fly Me To The Moon, All Of Me, It’s Only a Paper Moon, Georgia On My Mind, Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” and other Jazz standards), to Spanish & Flamenco guitar selections of Albeniz, “Malaguena“, Jobim / Latin Bossa Novas and other traditional Spanish pieces, to Popular acoustic music like Beatles (Let It Be, Here Comes the Sun, Yesterday, Something, many more), Eric Clapton (Wonderful Tonight, Layla), Jimmy Buffett (Margaritaville, Changes.. and more), James Taylor, and Love songs of things like Unchained Melody, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, Love me Tender, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, What A Wonderful World; Current Popular Music by artists like Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Josh Groban, Paper Kites, Mumford  & Sons, Christina Perri, and Wilder Adkins; and even solo acoustic arrangements of Classic Rock greats like Eagles (Hotel California, Desperado, Take It Easy), Rush, Triumph, Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd (Sweet Home Alabama),  Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Metallica, and more…whatever suits your tastes.

Very elegant and classy without being overbearing!

DJ Music and Master of Ceremonies

All acts come with DJ,  extensive song list over 10,000 songs, anything you want.  YOU choose the music you want to hear, including MUST plays and Do Not Plays,  either from your music collection or mine.  I’m there to play the music YOU want to hear and make it perfect to your tastes!  My decades of experience enables me to read the crowd and pick the right songs at the right time to keep the party flowing, and keep people on the dance floor and having fun all night.  Master of Ceremonies capabilities are included to make any announcements needed and introduce bridal party and people doing toasts, with experienced coordination skills to guarantee all your events & music flow smoothly from the beginning to the end!   I also work very well with the other vendors to make sure everything flows smoothly.


I have been performing for 35 years, have a degree in guitar performance, and provide superior musicianship that is second to none!   I have various projects that will work for anyone (including solo guitar, duos, Jazz groups, DJ/ MC) and can pretty much perform any style of music desired.


You can hear some traditional wedding ceremony music samples below.  Non-traditional and popular music arrangements may also be used according to the bride’s tastes, please contact me for many more possibilities if you don’t want to hear traditional music.  Or… just tell me what you want, I can usually make an arrangement!  Please see my “Music” page for some modern/ current music examples.


Prelude In D Major- J.S. Bach (good for anywhere: prelude music, parents, bridal party, or bride entrance!)


Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring- J.S. Bach (good for seating of the parents or bridal party entrance)


Trumpet Voluntary- Henry Purcell (good for bridal party or bride entrance)


Trumpet Tune-  Jeremiah Clarke (good for seating of parents or bridal party entrance)


Canon in D- Johan Pachelbel  (good for bridal party or bride entrance)


Bridal Chorus (a.k.a. Here Comes The Bride)- Richard Wagner (bride entrance)


Wedding March- Felix Mendelssohn (good for recessional)


Prelude In E Major- J.S. Bach (good for recessional)


Please visit my “MUSIC” and “VIDEOS” pages for more samples

Jeff Scott Music Services FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)



1) What are your rates?

Since I offer many different music services and packages, rates depend on your specific needs and various factors, i.e. number of hours of your event, number of musicians (i.e. solo, duo, or group), no lighting needed, basic lighting or full LED lighting package, etc..  Please feel free to give me a call at (407) 365-3601 or email at to discuss your vision for your wedding and your needs in detail so I can give you an accurate price quote. I will work with you to find the best package to fit your vision, needs, and budget. Reasonable and competitive rates!

SOLO GUITAR / DJ THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR PACKAGE, AND OFFERS BOTH LIVE MUSIC AND DJ SO YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…..PLUS IT’S VERY REASONABLE TO MEET YOUR BUDGET, and avoids having to hire 2 people (1 for the ceremony, 1 for the reception) especially if you only need a DJ for an hour or 2

Duos & Groups: it varies, depending on how many people are desired in the group (trio, quartet) and for how many hours needed… Please inquire, I’ll work with you to help fit your budget.

2) We already have another DJ booked for our reception/ dance portion of the wedding, would you perform for just the live music portions that we need, i.e. ceremony, cocktail, and dinner hour? Absolutely! I’m happy to perform for the hours you desire live music only.  Most brides love the advantage and comfort of having someone with my experience to handle ALL the music for the entire wedding from beginning to end, but I understand when sometimes they have already hired someone else before finding me.  I’m not offended, I’m glad to be a part of your special day in any capacity!

3) How do I reserve a date?
I’ll send you a contract with my signature so you have my commitment in writing, and I will need you to check the agreed upon details and sign it and return it with a 50% deposit, the balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.

4) Why do I have to send a deposit, and is it refundable if I change my mind or my date changes?
I get many calls each week for available dates, so once you ‘re sure you want me for a date and I get the contract and deposit back, that time and date is yours, and I can then turn down any other offers I get for that time/date. Otherwise, you’ll have musicians that say they’ll play for your wedding and then end up backing out down the road if they get a “better offer” (or even worse, not showing up at all!) and leaving you with major stress and misery. I’m sure you’d feel MUCH safer with a signed contract…’s good for BOTH of us! My policy, like most in the wedding industry, is that the deposit is non-refundable, since if you end up changing your mind or cancel the date down the road I will have undoubtedly already have lost the opportunity to have made money on your day with another client. However, I have rarely had this problem (thankfully!)…….and if some kind of alteration is necessary I will do everything I can to work with you to make it work! If there is a hurricane that is an act of God….well, then I don’t want to play in a hurricane either, so I’ll be flexible with you!

5) How long have you been performing and do you do many weddings?
I’ve been performing over 35 years, and I do several weddings a week… and sometimes several a day! I’m a professional concert guitarist, a full time musician, and take pride in what I do. You won’t find anyone better at performing the quality and diversity of guitar music that I can offer AND the DJ/ Master of Ceremonies skills that I provide… I do a great job, and I know what I’m doing! See my Bio page for more info on my credentials. Or… the next question.

6) Why should we hire you instead of someone else, i.e. other guitarist or DJ?

 I’ll tell you some of the factors that my clients and couples have told me WHY they chose me.  The biggest factor…Experience. This is mentioned a lot, but it’s a HUGE factor. After doing thousands and thousands of weddings, I’ve encountered just about every situation you can think of, from sudden rain storms, hurricanes, power outages, people running late, last minute music changes, even last minute venue changes!… everything doesn’t always go as planned. No problem, I can adapt and make any situation work. With experienced coordination skills, I work with ALL your vendors (including other coordinators if you have one) to make sure everyone is kept in the loop and knows what the itinerary and agenda is, even if things change in the middle of the wedding. As an experienced musician and DJ, I know how to read the crowd, know which song would work best in any situation (either live or DJ). Some DJ’s do a decent job when they can stick to their standard generic songlist that you hear at every wedding… but when the bride and groom don’t WANT all 80’s music or YMCA or Chicken dance or Electric Slide, and want other styles instead, like oldies, big band/swing, hip hop, country, hard rock… you want somebody that knows what they’re doing, or that can actually weave a songlist and know when to play the right songs when and where and make it work even with ALL those styles incorporated into a single evening so EVERYONE is happy, including mom & dad, grandparents, all your friends, and most importantly…YOU! Experience makes all the difference between “probably good enough” or “got the job done” and “phenomenal and incredible” and “the best wedding we’ve ever been to!”. It’s the most important day of your life, don’t screw around…experience matters!

 Superior musicianship & repertoire– If you compare my ability with others, brides and grooms can tell the difference right away. A lot of people can play some nice music & love songs, but most can’t do it with the smoothness and multiple parts of a veteran musician with my experience and education. Then… as far as classical repertoire, there’s no comparison. I perform some of the greatest masterpieces ever written for the guitar, which take many years of training and expertise (see my repertoire link for classical list, and compare!). Others can play some nice pieces, but they’re usually much simpler in nature, simple studies or basic songs, and certainly not as impressive, intricate, or technically challenging as what I do. If you’re not really worried about classical music, no problem. I play some of the greatest pieces ever written for Jazz, Rock, Popular music, and Spanish guitar also! I’ve been told I have more musical diversity than any other musicians they’ve found, as I’m well versed in MANY styles, whereas others usually only do maybe one or two styles decent. They’ve told me they haven’t found anybody who can come close to doing EVERYTHING I can do, nor as well… including do 2-3 parts at the same time in ANY style (melody, accompaniment, AND bass all at the same time)…and “How are you playing the accompaniment AND doing a rock guitar solo at the same time???”.  I invite you to meet with me and hear me play and you’ll hear the difference for yourself. Your guests will certainly notice the difference also!

Education.  I’ve studied at some of the finest and most well respected music conservatories, and with some of the foremost Classical guitarists and teachers in the world, many of whom are also proteges of Andres Segovia, commonly recognized as the greatest Classical guitarist ever. This translates into being a performer with superior technique and musicianship, and able to perform at a higher skill level and music repertoire than most.  Clients can notice the difference, and they tell me often.

When you hire me, you actually GET ME! Most brides and grooms want to hire the best person in the company, not somebody trained by the best person in the company that has a fraction of the experience of the boss. They also couldn’t find any company that’s been doing their job as long as I have, let alone some musicians or DJ’s with a fraction of the experience as me. They also usually don’t like to get a sub-contracted musician, that’s hired through someone else. Some companies have good reputations and some very nice write ups, but that’s often from the OWNER’S experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean every musician or DJ they book has anywhere near the same experience or reputation. (If they did, why don’t they have their OWN company?). When you book me, you GET me. It’s MY name, reputation, and company on the line, and I take that very serious. Nobody works as hard for a company than the OWNER, and when you hire me, that’s me. I work very hard to make everything perfect, and I’m on location at EVERY event you book me for, of course. I’ve been a full time musician for 35 years, and have dedicated my life to music. I don’t do this as a hobby, part time job, or to earn extra money on the weekends.

Please scroll down to the REVIEWS section to see over 75 reviews (only a handful!) from ecstatic couples and other clients who were glad they chose me. You really do get what you pay for!

7) Will you be formally attired?
Yes, I usually wear a tuxedo unless requested otherwise (i.e. dressy casual, coat and tie)

8) Can we meet with you to discuss things, and is there any charge for that?
Yes, no problem with meeting, and no charge! It’s actually preferred that we meet ASAP so I can discuss your itinerary, musical tastes, & vision for your wedding in more detail, and especially so I can perform some music live for you in various styles and according to your tastes, including helping you choose your ceremony music selections

9) Can you let us know when you’re performing in public where we can hear you?
Absolutely, please either email me or send me a Facebook friend request, or just “like/ follow” me on my Facebook business page Jeff Scott, Guitarist Facebook page  so you can be notified when I’m doing a public performance

10) Do you have a large DJ song collection?
Yes, I have an extensive list of songs, tens of thousands of songs to choose from in any style.

11) Am I able to choose what music I want, or don’t want played?
ABSOLUTELY! It’s YOUR wedding……I will play (or WON’T play) anything you want! I have no problem with playing any songs on CD’s or flash drive you provide to me as well. I will work with you to play the music you enjoy, either live or DJ. I can give you a song list (or use your favorite song list) and you can go through it and pick out stuff you like!

12) Will you play requests when you do live music?
YES! If I know it I’ll play it! If there’s a special song you want to be performed for your ceremony that I don’t already know, as long as it’s feasible for me to make an arrangement of it it’s usually not a problem.  Please inquire, I know thousands of songs and can help you with song choice ideas!

13) What styles of music do you play?
I’m a highly skilled musician with a Bachelor Degree in Music, I’m very diverse and can play most anything from Classical, Jazz, Spanish/Flamenco, to Popular things like Beatles and Jimmy Buffett and even Classic rock.. Most musicians typically only play one style, but I am very diverse and do a little of something for everyone!

14) Do you use cheesy background/accompaniment tracks?
Uh…NO!!!! Definitely not! I hate that….that’s often found with some who don’t have the capability and skill that I have, or can’t play the styles or with the fullness I can without some extra “help”.  I can play multiple parts at the same time, so you’ll hear the melody line, AND the accompaniment, AND the bass line all at the same time, which often sounds like 1 person sounding like 2 or 3 guitarists. It’s very full sounding, highly artistic, and pure (no cheating!)……listen to my music!

15) Can you sing?
Yes, I can sing…..most people usually prefer just instrumental background music for a classy ambiance during the reception which is usually what I do (vocals often tend to provide competition for conversation, and we don’t want you or your guests to have to shout!), but if there’s a special song or something you want me to do during your ceremony that’s possible.

16) Do you bring your own amplifier/ sound system?
Yes, I bring everything I need…..the only thing I need to know is where to plug into an AC power outlet

17) Do you have a wireless microphone to pass around during the rehearsal dinner for toasts, or for during the reception?
Yes, and I also have a lavalier microphone for the officiant to wear during the ceremony, since MANY people usually can hear the minister but NEVER can hear the bride or groom recite their vows.  For this reason, I also act as a soundman to adjust the levels during the ceremony to pick up the bride and groom’s vows…so people can actually HEAR what the bride and groom are saying for once!

18) Can you perform a ceremony at an outdoor location where power isn’t available?
Yes, I have a silent power generator, so beach side weddings are no problem!

19) Will you perform at a LGBT / gay / lesbian / same sex marriage and special events? Yes, absolutely.  I’m honored to perform for anyone who wants me for their special day, no matter their race, religion, or sexual orientation.

20) Can you travel outside of the Orlando area for a performance?                                                                   ABSOLUTELY!  Not only do I travel all throughout the state of Florida, but I also perform throughout the U.S. as well.  YES, there is an additional fee for travel, depending on distance & time, of course.



The following are just a handful of reviews, comments, and thank you notes I’ve received over the years from brides and special events clients (arranged in no particular chronological order). Please scroll all the way down for a few VIDEO THANK YOU’S as well!

“Jeff is the best guitarist in town without a doubt.  There’s nobody that can play any ONE of those styles as well as him, let alone ALL of them so well. Add to that he’s the best DJ around also and it makes it a no-brainer to hire him. My staff and I hear a lot of DJ’s, to the point where they can predict their entire set list and what song is coming next.  With Jeff every wedding is totally different, with both the live music and DJ music customized to each bride’s musical tastes.  They’re always amazed at how perfect the music was, and it’s very impressive”.                                         Jim McDonald, Owner/ Chef- Creative Cuisine Catering

Jeff is the most versatile and talented guitarist you’ll ever meet, and he does it all with a great open and friendly personality and professionalism. Whatever style of music you need, he’s played it before and has the experience to make it work in whatever the situation might be. I can recommend him with complete confidence that he will exceed whatever expectations you may have.  Richard Schuchman

Jeff is a very talented and professional performer. I had many occasions to work with Jeff and he always delighted our clients with his expertise. He is a warm person to work with and is a very capable and original musician.                  Alan Skipper, Special Event Planner at Puff ‘n Stuff catering and Events, Tampa/ St. Petersburg

As a Special event Producer with The Entertainment Company from 1991 to 2012, I had the pleasure of booking Jeff for many events. Jeff is a consummate professional. Jeff was always early and plays excellent guitar and styles! You can never go wrong with having Jeff play at your event!  Keith Wilson

Jeff is a highly skilled entertainment professional. His musical expertise expands across all genres.  Thomas Flauto

“Dear Jeff, You were amazing! Lisa and I could not be more thrilled about all you did to make our wedding day perfect. It was exactly as we dreamt it would be and everyone is still talking about how much fun they had at the reception. We knew it might be difficult to find someone who could provide us with the elegance of quiet guitar and the excitement of good dance music, but were we ever glad to find you! Thank you so much for all you did to make our day so special. From the acoustic guitar to the final dance, it was absolutely splendid. Thank You Jeff–our memories are much sweeter because of your attention to every detail.                          Best Regards, Pete & Lisa Schaffer

“Thank you very much for doing such a spectacular job at our wedding! We had SO MANY compliments about your music and the job you did…it was just beautiful! Also your DJ & Master of Ceremonies skill were fantastic! Everything was perfect!”         Lisa & Paitoon Ratan

“Jeff is so great to have perform at an event. His versatility means he’ll fit in perfectly with whatever type of people or theme you have. Jeff has performed at many of my events AND at numerous events I’ve attended and he has always been fabulous. He’s also very professional and dependable. I’d recommend, if you want some quality live entertainment for your event or party, that you call him right now, before his schedule fills up for the holidays. You’ll be glad you did!”      Sue Copening, Director

Dear Jeff,

Recently I had the opportunity to once again hear your extraordinary music at the Toys for Tots benefit, Taste for Toys, which I helped to organize. You are just an exceptionally talented musician! Even other guitarists in Orlando have remarked to me that you are the best! I am way overdue in writing to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful work you have done for me at events.

I, as you know, organize and book talent for weddings and corporate themed events. On the several occasions when I have been lucky enough to be able hire you for my clients, they have been delighted! Your versatility- from “down-home” music for a “Swamp” theme to Flamenco, Margaritaville, Classical, Jazz music and children’s songs- WOW! No one else in Orlando does what you do- and you do it so well! All I’ve had to do is say, “Hey, Jeff, can you do a few___________songs for my event in two months?” (fill in virtually ANY kind of music). You’re there!

In addition, I feel I should mention that you are a joy to work with…and you know that ALL entertainers are not…Your outgoing friendliness makes it easy for me and for the guests at parties to relate to you. I have asked you to wear everything from a formal tux to jeans and “rainbow” suspenders- and you take it all in stride. You go out of your way to do what needs to be done to make the guests feel special and to engage them in the fantasy of the occasion.

Thank you for all of the help you have given me in making my themed events and weddings very special for everyone involved! I recommend you heartily to any Host or Hostess, Bride or Groom who wants the BEST for their special event. Please do not hesitate to send prospective clients to me for a great recommendation!                                  Sincerely,                                                                          Lynne Curran, President
Event-Full Services, Inc.

Awesome guitarist and DJ!!! Jeff played the guitar for our wedding ceremony and first part of our reception (cocktail hour and dinner). He did a wonderful job and played beautifully!!! He played all the songs we requested and he did not play the songs from our DO NOT PLAY list–even when guests requested the songs–he asked us for prior approval first before playing. Our guests really enjoyed him and he helped get the crowd dancing. We interviewed 2 other DJ’s before Jeff and once we met him and heard him play the guitar our decision was made. We hired him on the spot! He was incredibly friendly, arrived at the wedding early and dressed professionally. He was very upbeat and accommodating. He is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. I would highly recommend Jeff Scott to anyone looking for a DJ/Musician. He is affordable and does a wonderful job!  Melisa – ***** 5 Star rating from Weddingwire

Jeff Scott is hands down the best DJ/Musician, He went above and beyond! He had told me and my husband that he didn’t have lights in his package, and day of the wedding showed up with a full set of lights! On top of the fact he kept our wedding moving so smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without you and thank you so much for all your help!   Amanda and Matt Nicotra- ***** 5 Star rating from Weddingwire

I was AMAZED at how wonderful he sounded. I thought my Husband was crazy to want a guitar player, but once I heard him play, I was sold.  Sandi B.- ***** 5 Star rating from The Knot

The simplicity of just the single guitar was the beauty of it. Also, Jeff was very well organized, knew the location and everything flowed smoothly. He was also our DJ.  Gillian S.- ***** 5 Star rating from The Knot

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Joan- May 19, 2015
Jeff Scott’s help choosing the songs from our ceremony to our last dance, made our wedding from beginning to end, a perfect and memorable day. Very professional-will refer. – 5 Star rating on Perfect Wedding Guide

John & Barbi Campbell wedding at Mission Inn- 11/22/15 – VideoThank you



Marshall & Sarah Hubert wedding- ceremony at Leu Gardens, reception at 310 Lakeside

Sarah & Marshall Hubert Thank You 1

Sarah & Marshall Hubert Thank You 2

Corporate dinner at Waldorf Astoria- Video Thank You


City of Tavares Video Thank You- Public performance 5/13/16

Jennifer & Gregg Donato  9/18/16 at Audubon House & Tropical Gardens, Key West, FL






 More from Jennifer!:
Jeff Scott you are amazing!!! Thank you for everything!!! You are an amazing guitarist, musician, dj and person. Everyone had a blast dancing and we are so glad you ended up being part of our extended wedding party! Anyone I know in Florida that would love a great musician for a gig, wedding, house party, etc needs to check this man out!!! Much love to you Jeff, from myself and Gregg!!!”
Colin & Caitlin Velada 10/27/16 at Dubsdread Golf Club

We had him to play live guitar for our wedding ceremony and it was great. He was super friendly to work with and helped me a lot on picking songs. – 5 Star Rating from The Knot

“Awesome guitarist and DJ!!! Jeff played the guitar for our wedding ceremony and first part of our reception (cocktail hour and dinner). He did a wonderful job and played beautifully!!! He played all the songs we requested and he did not play the songs from our DO NOT PLAY list–even when guests requested the songs–he asked us for prior approval first before playing. Our guests really enjoyed him and he helped get the crowd dancing. We interveiwed 2 other DJ’s before Jeff and once we met him and heard him play the guitar our decision was made. We hired him on the spot! He was incredibly friendly, arrived at the wedding early and dressed professionally. He was very upbeat and accomodating. He is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met. I would highly recommend Jeff Scott to anyone looking for a DJ/Musician. He is affordable and does a wonderful job!”  S. & T.Allen- 5 Star rating from Wedding Wire

Brittany- 10/15/2016
Jeff was an incredible addition to our ceremony. He was professional, artistic and pleasant to be around. Our local guests collected his information as his notes were flawless. We even caught a few of our favorite songs in the big moment! Jeff even stayed after to congratulate us before heading out. Highly recommend for your big moment!  Category: Ceremony Music – 5 Star rating from Wedding Wire
Aaron-  12/30/2016
I can’t say enough about Jeff. He helped my wife Jessica and I have the perfect wedding and throw an awesome reception. We couldn’t have been happier with everything Jeff did for us. He provided live music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and during dinner and he also emceed & provided DJ service for the entire reception. Multiple guests throughout the evening commented on how great of a job Jeff did and more than one guest said in regard to both his playing and song selection “this is awesome, where can I get a copy of all this music”.

Additionally, by all accounts from the staff and other vendors, all agreed that he did a great job and was awesome to work with. My wife and I, along with all of our families, found Jeff to be accommodating, professional, and we all felt as though he went out of his way to make things as easy for us as possible. I personally found Jeff easy to talk too, feel as though his rates are very reasonable especially given the level and quality of service he provides, and I would highly recommend Jeff for any wedding or event.Category: Ceremony Music, DJ, Entertainer – 5 Star rating from The Knot

Phillip- 03/15/2017

It may be hard to believe Jeff is a 5/5 but people are still talking about him as the master of ceremony and how he interacted with the crowd as a DJ. We had seen the videos of Jeff on youtube as he played his heart out and we were blown away.  From the initial email we sent Jeff months prior to our wedding day, Jeff came across as professional and very pleasant to deal with. Jeff clearly knew what he was doing as he asked the questions that we had never thought of about music selection and most importantly we were asked what we wanted and didn’t want.  On our actual wedding day Jeff was a major part in making our day so memorable. His talents as a musician are outstanding and as a DJ he has a great ability to read the crowd.  Thanks so much Jeff!  Stacy and Phil- Category: Ceremony Music, DJ- 5 Star rating from Wedding Wire


Kaleigh-  03/17/2017

Jeff Scott was the ultimate guitarist and DJ for our wedding, I would not have asked for anyone else! First of all, his guitar skills are absolutely amazing and the first time I met with him, I was blown away. Second, he is absolutely flexible as he learned how to play four new songs for our ceremony including the Jurassic Park theme song in less than two weeks. He made everything run very smoothly during the ceremony and we could not have had such a great wedding without him setting the perfect ambience for us.  Category: Ceremony Music-  5 Star Rating from Wedding Wire


Diane- 04/01/2017

We use Jeff Scott for all our yearly parties with over 250 guests. Our guests have been thrilled to see Jeff back for another day of great entertaining music and DJ fun with the crowd. He makes for a relaxed party atmosphere one minute, the next minute he has everyone up dancing and he knows how to hold every ones attention with his jokes and guitar solos.

Jeff is very easy to deal with, you get more than your monies worth and his whole package comes with the skill of a seasoned versatile performer. We highly recommend him for any age gathering if you are looking for happy and satisfied guests. Category: DJ, Entertainer – 5 Star Reviews from Wedding Wire

Del Frisco’s corporate event 

Darlene- 8/10/2017

Jeff did an amazing job as our wedding guitarist and DJ! We were impressed by his professionalism. He was flexible with regards to the unexpected changes and made sure our guest was entertained throughout the night. We definitely recommend Jeff’s services for your wedding or event!  5 Star rating from The Knot

9/2/17- Alison said…
Jeff did an excellent job of musician and dj for our son’s wedding. Jeff provided us with an excellent choice of music and we were able to add some of our own choices to the playlist. Jeff played throughout the ceremony on his guitar with great skill and eloquence. We hired a singer that Jeff recommended and we were very happy with his choice, her singing was beautiful. The music played during Jeff’s role as DJ was on point, Jeff was able to read the guests and play music fitting for the occasion. Jeff was extremely flexible when we had to change the location of our wedding ceremony and made great suggestions for solutions to our venue problems. A great time was had by all. I would definitely recommend Jeff as your go to guy for all your musical needs.  5 star rating from Wedding Wire
Kathy- 8/19/2017
Rarely have I ever given a full “five star” review on anything. However, in this instance it is well deserved!!! We engaged Jeff Scott to play reception music at my granddaughter’s wedding reception of 30 people. We did not know what to expect out of such a rather small crowd. Right before the event I told Jeff that I did not even know if there would be dancing or not and to just play it by ear. He assessed the crowd, played the right music and soon what we had no idea what to expect became a full fledged party!!! Everyone had a great time and I am convinced that it was Jeff’s talent, versatility and observant way to assess the crowd that made it that way. Also, just two days before the wedding we found out that the musician for the ceremony would not be able to attend. And guess what? Jeff jumped in and saved the day! Everybody was having such a good time that I had no choice than to extend the party and Jeff did not even flinch when I asked him to stay longer. THANKS Jeff, I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone.  5 Star rating from The Knot & Perfect Wedding Guide

Stephanie Serrano- 11/18/17

Stephanie said… 
Jeff was very professional! The ceremony music was perfect and went so smoothly. He also played the guitar while we were eating lunch and it sounded amazing! I got a lot of compliments from my guests about his professionalism and friendliness!  5 star rating from Wedding Wire

11/4/17-  Jennifer said… 
Jeff is amazingly talented, he beautifully played everything that I asked for and helped by sharing his vast experience to bring in a lovely acoustic element to my ceremony. Jeff brilliantly combines the melody of music with the tune of the lyrics to make his single guitar seem so multifaceted. During the reception, Jeff easily combined the requested list with the special requests of the attending guests to raise the energy of the party. I highly recommend Jeff Scott to anyone searching out a highly talented musician and entertaining DJ!  5 star rating from Wedding Wire

Cortney & Josh Jiannuzzi- 1/27/18

Quality of Service: 5.0 Responsiveness: 5.0 Professionalism: 5.0 Value: 5.0 Flexibility: 5.0
Cortney said…
Jeff is an absolute dream to work with! He performed our ceremony, cocktail and dinner music before switching into high gear for our reception. About 6 months prior to my husband and I becoming engaged, we attended our friend’s wedding where Jeff was the DJ. I left that wedding stating that Jeff did an amazing job and that I had so much fun on the dance floor. In the very early stages of planning our wedding, my parents attended an “open house” at the venue we were looking at and it just so happened Jeff was playing his guitar at this event. When I arrived, my dad stated “Cortney, you have to listen to this guy playing the guitar. He’s playing a song I didn’t even think could be played acoustically.” I kind of brushed my dad off because in the back of my mind, I already knew I was going to ask my friend for the contact information for their DJ. My father kept pressing, so I finally took the information that he had picked up at the open house. Come to find out, Jeff was the guy in both situations! I couldn’t have been more pleased. As a huge Mumford & Sons fan, I was very set on three songs that I wanted to be apart of my ceremony. For anyone that knows the band, they are four vocals and musicians but that didn’t stop Jeff in creating the solo arrangements that I had requested. Jeff is beyond talented and never gave me any hesitation that he would not be able to arrange what I wanted. He went above and beyond in providing the arrangements that were important for me on my wedding day and I cannot thank him enough for that. He also was extremely professional and accommodating throughout the entire planning and day-of our wedding. He is very detail oriented, which makes it near-impossible to forget any detail. We put our trust in Jeff to provide a stellar night on the dance floor and he sure did deliver! We are so happy that Jeff was a part of our wedding and made it a night to remember!  5 star rating from Wedding Wire

Josh wrote:

Title: Rockin Reception
Description: Jeff absolutely nailed it. The best surprise was he learned the acoustic version of a Mumford Song for my lovely bride to walk down the isle to. He Improvised and worked with coordinator and efficient making everything flow so well. Jeff’s excellent performance and upbeat attitude put me at ease. Always quick to stay in touch through the whole process. Super easy to work with in picking songs and made the planning process allot easier. Had a whole listed plan for the reception for different dances and traditional celebrations and games. Really the easiest thing was letting his expertise and professionalism shine through with just a few hints and notes along the way. I left it up to Jeff for the mother son dance and he came through and blew me away. Great song choices and setting the tone of each segment of the night you really made the party Rock. Thanks Jeff!   5 Star rating from Perfect Wedding Guide


Ashley & Marcos Colon- 1/28/18

Marcos said… 
Jeff was nothing short of amazing. He was incredibly responsive to all of our needs and requests. Communication was a breeze. Jeff knew the music we wanted, made requests for the rarer music when necessary, and went out of his way to find the other stuff. Our personal meeting with him went very well, as we communicated our wants and needs and he let us know what was possible and what would look/sound good. On our wedding day, he was awesome. Everything was the perfect volume and on queue, his acoustic guitar cocktail hour was reported to be great, and he basically served as another wedding planner/coordinator, keeping everything on the schedule. Above all, he is super personable. If I could give more stars I would.  5 star rating from Wedding Wire

Letha and Angel Matta- 3/2/18 

Letha said… 
We hired Jeff to play at our wedding recently. I cannot say enough good things. He was always receptive to any of our questions and helped us come up with a playlist that met both my husband and mine varying tastes. The music that he played during the ceremony was beautiful and made it so memorable. He also played during the cocktail hour and DJ’d during our reception. He made the night so special! We have so many wonderful memories of the reception due to his hard work!!!  5 Star Rating from Wedding Wire

Evan & Lauren -3/3/18

Evan said… 
Jeff was a true professional from beginning to end! Very responsive throughout the planning process and accommodating to our needs. On the day of the ceremony he showed up early and stayed late. The music he played at our ceremony was exactly what we asked for – a mix of classic and contemporary. We could not have been happier with the service Jeff provided, he was a big help in making our day so special. And he was very affordable! Highly recommend! – 5 Star Rating From Wedding Wire

Jenna and Colton- 3/17/18

Melissa (mom) said… 
Jeff Scott was very professional when speaking to him on the telephone. I appreciated the way he already knew the songs we wanted, and recommended songs when we were stuck with what to play. Having an acoustic guitarist play at the ceremony and reception just really set the mood for a spectacular day. Everyone was impressed with him and the variety of music he performed.- 5 Star Rating from Wedding Wire

Amy & Isaac- 3/24/18

Tony (Dad) said… 
Super job done by Jeff Scott! His choices of music and his ability to let us pick special songs for the many parts of the afternoon and evening ceremony made the day even more special. He created an atmosphere of elegance and warmth with his playing. His MC and DJ skills were there when needed and not in your face. His playing set the mood, and added to a great evening. We highly recommend him. Tony,Peggy Amy/Isaac Mar 24 – 5 Star Rating From Wedding Wire

Mike & Rinat- 2/13/18

Mike said… 
Jeff was very professional and wonderful to work with. He completely understood what we wanted for ceremony and reception music and was right on cue all day! He is extremely talented and read the crowd perfectly. Thank you so much Jeff; we could not have made a better choice for our wedding day! 5 Star Rating From The Knot
Natasha Harrison Brand – Reviewed On 3/31/2018…
He did an awesome job entertaining all of my guests during the cocktail hour and played all of my desired music for my reception as the DJ! He made sure everything got done that needed to get done during the reception!  5 Star Rating from The Knot
Robert Rakoczy & Brooke- Reviewed On 2/20/2018 
I could not imagine anyone doing a better job for my wedding than Jeff Scott. The planning was smooth and painless and the day of the wedding he was perfect in every way. He is not just a DJ but also a world class guitarist and his playing is where he really shined. You will be hard pressed to find something he can’t play. I have also been lucky enough to see Jeff at a couple other events and look forward to it every time. If you are looking for someone to do your wedding you will not be disappointed or find any better.  5 Star Rating from The Knot
Knottie- married on 5/22/18
Jeff was very professional and wonderful to work with. He completely understood what we wanted for ceremony and reception music and was right on cue all day! He is extremely talented and read the crowd perfectly. Thank you so much Jeff; we could not have made a better choice for our wedding day!
5 Star review on The Knot
Kerri, married on 06/16/2018

Jeff is an unbelievably gifted musician. His guitar playing skills capture his raw talent refined by many years of hard work and dedication and his passion for music. We were fortunate that Jeff was able to play live music at both our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. The live music definitely added another dimension to the wedding and couldn’t have been more perfect. He played a part in creating an experience for us that we could have never imagined.

Jeff was very professional and extremely easy to work with. He communicated well and was always willing to answer any questions. He has had many years of experience and is a perfectionist at what he does so there is no need to worry about anything. We received so many complements about him from our guests.

We also appreciated that Jeff was able to customize the live music songs to our requests. We were able to select the songs for both the ceremony and cocktail hour. And when Jeff did not know one of the songs we wanted to incorporate at the ceremony, he learned it…no problem. Jeff can also help guide you through song selections if you need help or cater to your requests if you know exactly what you want.

We did have the opportunity to meet with him prior to the wedding and hear his work and honestly he can make anything sound great. He is just that good! He is definitely not your typical guitar player…he plays at a whole different level, something you just have to hear for yourself.

We were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with Jeff and have live music be a part of our wedding. Everything turned out perfect and we couldn’t have dreamed of anything better. 5 Star Review on Wedding Wire

Kaydi, married on 6/30/18
So many great things to say! I will start off by saying my wedding had to be rescheduled 2 days before the actual scheduled wedding date because of Hurricane Irma. It was originally scheduled for 9/9/17 and we ended up rescheduling to 6/30/18. As you can imagine me & my husband were extremely stress & frazzled over the whole situation but Jeff made the rescheduling seamless and made us feel at ease. He was always extremely easy to get a hold of and when we finally got to our wedding day he did an amazing job! We got so many compliments on how wonderful the music was. I would highly recommend. I couldn’t be happier with Jeff!  5 Star review on The Knot
Lauren B- reviewed on 7/16/18:
Jeff was a last minute decision for us thanks to our wedding coordinator’s recommendations and we are so happy we went with him for the ceremony music! Not only did he send over traditional and nontraditional clips of his music for us to choose from, but offered to learn anything else we might want playing while guests arrived. We sent him a song choice for the parent and grandparent processionals, he taught himself the song and did a wonderful job! Jeff also provided the sound equipment/speakers for our guests to hear us during the ceremony which was really important to us. Thanks Jeff!!  5 Star Review on The Knot


September 4, 2018

Jeff, for anyone that is considering using your services please allow this note to suffice as our endorsement.

We used Jeff for both live reception music, MC and DJ services for our daughter’s wedding held at Celebration Hotel.  We could not be happier with our choice to use Jeff. That evening we received several positive comments relative to making such a good choice.

At the beginning of the process Jeff personally contacted us and provided us samples of his music.  This guy is very talented with a guitar, definitely take a look at his online videos. He played live music for both the patio reception and during dinner.  When it rained on the patio (a real soaker) Jeff didn’t complain he just moved his items inside the door and kept playing. He’s an experienced MC and coordinated with our wedding planner to get the job done.  Additionally my son in law sang at the wedding, Jeff allowed him to use his audio equipment…thanks Jeff.

When the dancing started Jeff was great to follow through with song choices we chose from the list he gave us. However when I wanted to switch up one of the songs in the middle of the dance Jeff was happy to comply.  His sound equipment is of good quality and he brought some lighting too.

Would I recommend Jeff to my friends and family…absolutely yes, he’s money well spent.  To get an experienced MC, DJ, and live music in one is a rare find. Do yourself a favor and call Jeff first, you’ll be writing a letter like this too.


Kenny and Tiffany Roberson

Jessica G, married on 09/30/2018
Amazing DJ and guitarist!

Jeff was so great for our wedding. We got so many compliments on his guitar playing and his DJ music selection. Jeff called us 2 days before the wedding to go over our requests and the itinerary to make sure he had everything for the day of. He was great the day of, despite a tire blowing out on the way over to the venue. I would definitely recommend Jeff as a guitarist and DJ for all events! –  5 star rating on Wedding Wire


Amanda & Ben Estus, married  on 12/9/18:


Kat Pearlstein, married on 4/21/19

Jeff made our day truly special!

We were so pleased to be able to work with Jeff for our beach wedding. We hired him last minute and he was able to be prepared quickly and all of our guests LOVED the music. I hired him VERY shortly before my wedding date and he was able to accommodate me and even learned a special song for me to walk down the aisle to. Not only that, but he did MC duties for us and helped keep us on track the day of as I did not have a coordinator! He was able to quickly roll with the punches and really made the day flow smoothly. Jeff was so friendly & professional and has such a great presence. He made us feel so comfortable, and really helped set the perfect mood throughout the entire evening. Highly recommend having him for your special day! 5 Star Rating From Wedding Wire


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Orlando Classical Guitarist Jeff Scott

Orlando Classical Guitarist Jeff Scott

 Orlando Wedding Guitarist Jeff Scott

Orlando Classical Wedding Guitarist Jeff Scott

Orlando Classical Wedding Guitar Jeff Scott

Orlando Classical Guitarist Jeff Scott

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