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Jeff is currently performing in Florida and throughout the U.S. as a solo classical artist and also in a variety of musical combinations including duos, trios, & quartets, playing a variety of different music styles including Classical, Jazz, Spanish/Brazilian, and Rock music. For classical music, he performs on Ramirez guitars, known as one of the finest guitars in the world, which were also used by the great Andres Segovia.  Jeff also is currently performing with a guitar made by Orlando, FL luthier Robert Desmond, which has a superb sound and projection, and the design modeled after legendary 19th century luthier Torres.

Classical guitars specifics:


2004 Desmond “Torres” Model

Scale length: 650mm

Woods used:  German Spruce for top/ soundboard (aged 35 years), Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, Mahogany for the neck, Ebony for the fingerboard, Brazilian Rosewood for the bridge

Luthier: Robert Boyd Desmond (Orlando, FL)



Ramirez 1a full  Ramirez 1a

1974 Ramirez 1a

Scale length: 665mm

Woods used: Cedar top/ soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides


1996 Ramirez 1a

Scale length: 650mm

Woods used: Cedar top/ soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides


Ramirez 2 cwe cutaway view

1998 Ramirez 2CWE acoustic/ electric cutaway

Scale length: 650mm

Woods used: Cedar top/ soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides


Classical Strings:

Savarez Corum Bass strings (E, A,& D strings), mixed with D’Addario Pro Arte J45 Normal Tension treble strings (G, B, and E strings) on the Desmond guitar

D’Addario Pro Arte J45 normal tension strings on the Ramirez guitars



For Jazz music, Jeff is currently performing with his jazz projects on 7 string jazz guitars built by luthiers Gary Mortoro and Robert Benedetto, which incorporate an additional lower 7th string that extends the guitar’s bass range, hence giving the effect of an added “bass player” to fill out the sound.

Jazz guitars specifics:

JSQUARTETweb   Jeff Scott Duo Mortoro guitars

1995 Mortoro Songbird “Luccello Cantante” 7 string

A note from the luthier regarding the woods used:    Jeff, that was one of my earliest models. Back then for laminate models, ‘we’ were all using three ply maple tops & backs! The neck and sides were a hard maple, and I used an Ebony fingerboard with a floating pickup. The maple soundboards allow for a well crafted instrument to have an excellent ‘sound profile.’

Luthier: Gary Mortoro (Miami, FL)




2000 Benedetto Bucky Pizzarelli Signature model 7 string


Jazz guitar strings:  LaBella black nylon tape wound, gauge 14-67, with a flatwound .79 gauge 7th string

These are a unique hybrid string set, being that the bass strings are traditional round wound (like most electric guitar strings), but then “wound” or coated if you will with black nylon tape (probably easier to think “melted on to fill in the grooves”), which then leaves it with a smooth flat wound FEEL combined with the punch of a round wound core, producing a very warm tone on the 7 string guitars



For Rock music, Jeff favors vintage electric guitars made by Charvel (Model 6), double neck guitars made by Ibanez and Carvin, and a variety of other 6 string guitars by makers such as Charvel, Ibanez, Carvin, Dean, and Yamaha.

All amplifiers made by Marshall (200 watt Marshall Majors).

. charvel model 6  IMG_20131117_213109




Guitars and Gear